300A Welding Deadman Switch

300A Welding Deadman Switches for safe isolation. Welding Deadman switches are connected inline with the electrode lead and provide isolation by depressing the large red pushbutton. These are rated unto 300A @ 40% duty cycle. Come fitted the standard welding connectors and 12 months warranty.


Product Description

EMM Electrical’s 300A Welding Deadman Switches are safety features that can be integrated to a welding machine to activate or deactivate the machine quickly if the operator experiences a problem. Like other Deadman switches, this welding safety device is intended to be used as in welding applications where continuous human intervention is necessary.

Welding Risks & Safety

Welding is one of the most usual tasks that professional welders are already aware of the chance of getting shocked due to electricity under certain conditions. Electric welding machines produce high voltages and if used improperly or if there’s water present at the site, electrocution may happen. There are a bunch of safety measures that can be applied to ensure the safety of the welder and other people in the work site.

First of all, checking the setup of the welding machine can help prevent the problem. You can make sure that it is not sitting on water and don’t put it somewhere with damp ground. It will also help if the machine is situated in a place that’s out of the sprinklers’ range. Furthermore, make sure that there is no water dropping from above.

Another safety measure one can take is by making sure to never touch the welding electrode that’s attached to the machine. Make sure that it also doesn’t touch any part of your body. It also would be helpful if you unplug the welding machine when replacing the welding electrode.

Deadman Switches as Additional Safety Measure

Lastly, it wouldn’t hurt to elevate the safety by adding a Deadman switch to the welding machine. Our 300A Welding Deadman Switches and our 600A Welding Deadman Switch are designed specifically to additional protection to welders as it is designed to quickly cut off the supply with a simple press of the button. This safety device is easy to install. It was manufactured using tough materials to ensure durability. It’s designed to perform perfectly under the different pressures and environment that construction sites can throw at it. For more information about this product, get in touch with EMM Electrical and Manufacturing today!